Pictured from left is John Pershing Wagner, Jr. and Ritchie Elementary Principal John Jorden.
Pictured is Wheeling Park High School student Julie Walters with her artwork that will be on display Thursday during Celebration of the Arts.
Wheeling Park and Wheeling Central Golf Teams
Dr. Miller and Dr. Shepherd are shown with Warwood students.
Dr. Miller and Dr. Shepherd are shown with Wheeling Middle School students.
Dr. Miller Board Members visit Elm Grove Elementary
Pictured is Elm Grove Elementary School teacher Alexandria Parker working with two of her students.
Students pictured are Olivia Gregory, Madison Huyssen and Maddox Huyssen with teacher Dani Gregory.
Pictured is West Liberty Elementary School teacher Brandy Lackie working with one of her students.
Morgan Tennant
Pictured is Woodsdale Title 1 Math Interventionist Rebecca Lief working with her students.
Bridge Street Theater Department to Present The Lion King
Heather Weekley
Jacob Huffman
Dr. Miller and Mr. Jones are shown with Bridge Street Middle School students.
Pictured from left are Genevieve Fields and Shannon Tamburin.
Abby Pownall
Dr. Miller is shown with Triadelphia Middle School student council members.
Ashley Verma
Pictured from left are Megan DaGrava, Christy Carney, Jen Davis and Eileen Gilmore.