Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller and Board of Education President Andy Garber speak to Triadelphia Middle School students.

It’s a new era at Triadelphia Middle School.

 Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller toured TMS today as part of her annual superintendent’s visits. Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones, Ohio County Board of Education President Andy Garber and board members Pete Chacalos and Grace Norton were also on hand for the discussion.

 Ohio County Schools officials heard from Principal Andy Seals and Assistant Principal Chalmer Moffett, who are both serving in their first year as administrators at the school. Seals and Moffett addressed a number of topics during the discussion including behavior, rules, school culture and goals. Seals said administrators and staff members have worked to improve morale at the school, and they have been successful.

 “We wanted to improve the climate and create school spirit,” he said. “We are fortunate here. We have good people who are willing to do great things for our school. We have a great group of kids, and we are lucky to have the parent involvement we have. Triadelphia Middle School  is blessed to have the resources it has.”

 “We’re proud to be here, and our staff and students want to be here every day,”  Moffett added.

 Triadelphia Middle School students were very active in the day’s talks. Raider student council members and students in Career and Technical Education programs discussed their courses in detail. The students described the work they’ve done in simulated workplace programs such as “1636 Manufacturing,” “Cricut Creators” and the “Raider Fitness Club.” The fitness club members even got board members and school system administrators out of their seats to exercise.

 Triadelphia staff members closed the session with a creative touch as guests were treated to an excellent performance by Raider theater students. The students then took questions from board members. Miller thanked all of Triadelphia’s administrators, teachers and students for their excellent presentations.