Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller speaks with Bethlehem Student Council members, from left, Arden Mowder, Ava Dominquez and Kira Murad

It’s an exciting time at Bethlehem Elementary School.

 Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller toured the school today as part of her annual superintendent’s visits. Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones, Ohio County Board of Education President Andy Garber and board member Pete Chacalos were also on hand for the discussion.

 Ohio County Schools officials heard from Bethlehem Principal Drew Villani, counselor Gretchen Gill and teacher Janet Myers-Eikey. Villani discussed the school’s current fundraising effort for the creation of a new school playground. He said the fund drive has gone well to this point, and the staff and students are excited about a potential new playground.

 Villani also discussed the school’s community partnerships and parent involvement. He said the partners and parents are involved in many of the school’s events, and he noted that not all of them would be possible without the support. Villani thanked parents BJ Delbert and Melanie Trabert for taking part in the day’s discussion.

 “Their partnerships mean everything,” he said. “I can’t thank them enough.”

 Miller spoke at length with Bethlehem Fifth-Grade Student Council members Arden Mowder, Ava Dominquez and Kira Murad. The students discussed a variety of topics including their classes, school meals, the strings and band programs, and they also said they are proud of the school’s “Blessing Boxes” because the items donated benefit those in need.

The students also told Miller they like Bethlehem’s teachers and staff members. They said the school’s students trust their teachers, and they would go to them if they needed help. Dr. Miller and Ohio County Schools officials concluded the visit by stopping by classrooms and meeting students and teachers.