West Liberty Elementary School Visit

Dr. Miller was quite impressed with West Liberty Elementary School during her visit today with students and staff members!!!

 Miller was accompanied by Ohio County Board of Education President Andy Garber, board members Molly Aderholt and Pete Chacalos and school system administrators as part of her annual school visits. School system officials heard from West Liberty Principal Drew Villani, Counselor Gretchen Gill and members of fifth-grade Student Council who discussed their thoughts on the school. Villani explained the success of the school’s non-traditional methods of instruction, and he also discussed the school’s strong partnerships with West Liberty University and other local organizations.

 Miller congratulated the students for West Liberty Elementary School’s results on the most recent West Virginia Balanced Score Card. The students thanked her, and they also commended the school’s teachers for the impressive results. The students informed Miller that they love their school, and there is little that they would change.

 Miller said West Liberty has an excellent reputation as a successful elementary school. She said her visit reassured her that the reputation is well earned.

 “That was such a great visit,” Miller said. “Those students are fantastic, and their love for the school is remarkable. It’s like a family. The students, teachers and staff are exceptional, and the West Liberty community should be proud. Tremendous things are happening every day at West Liberty Elementary School.”