A West Point representative speaks to Patriot students in Patriot Point at Wheeling Park High School

Amazing opportunities were on display for Patriot students Tuesday evening at Wheeling Park High School.

 More than two dozen Wheeling Park students and parents met with representatives from Brown University, Harvard College, Georgetown, and West Point Academy last evening at Wheeling Park High School’s Patriot Point.  Students learned about opportunities at these elite institutions and how they could achieve their goals of attending after graduation.  Each school discussed academic opportunities, admissions requirements, and financial aid. 

 School counselor, Jennifer Mathieu, helped coordinate the event.  She said, “it was a wonderful opportunity to have representatives from such prestigious schools visit our campus. It’s so beneficial and important for our students to see the opportunities that are out there for them and see a path to access those opportunities. As a counselor, it was so helpful to learn more about these institutions and their admissions processes. 

 Senior Wheeling Park student, Mariana Alkhouri, remarked that “this was very valuable to have elite colleges in this area to capitalize on the talent that Wheeling offers. I’m very glad that this opportunity was organized for local students.” 

 Senior student, Grace O’Neill felt it was beneficial to talk directly to admissions representatives to help answer questions.  Rylin Russel enjoyed hearing about campus life and what the schools have to offer. 

 Sophomore student, Katelyn Smith, explained that this was her first informational college meeting that she attended. She said “this was very beneficial and informative and I learned about colleges’ open curriculum and summer programs. I was really interested in learning about the various locations and environments for student life these schools offer. . 

 The group of representatives enjoyed their visit to the Wheeling area and plan to return next year to meet with more interested students.