Pictured from left are Ohio County Schools Maintenance Department electrician Joe Herrick,  Maintenance Foreman Don Radcliffe staff member Chris Kranske.

They make sure the students arrive safely to school. They make sure the children have a nutrition meal. They keep the hallways immaculately clean, and they are kind and courteous while answering phone calls from parents.

Ohio County Schools Service Personnel Day is being celebrated today (Sept. 23) throughout the school system, and each building will thank the accountants, aides/paraprofessionals, bus drivers, child nutrition staff members, custodians, facilities and maintenance staff members, mechanics and secretaries. Ohio County Schools couldn’t be more proud of the employees who keep the school system operating effectively and efficiently each and every day.

 Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kimberly Miller said there are approximately 300 service staff members in the school system. She said administrators, teachers, parents and students truly appreciate the school system’s service employees and their dedication. Miller thanked the support staff members for their commitment each and every day.

“They truly care so much for the students they serve, and that’s why they are committed to their work,” Miller said. “They do their best to meet the needs of the children, and that’s why I’m so proud of them. They provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the students in our schools, they keep them fed and well-nourished, and they provide them with a safe trip to school and back home. They do it all for our kids. The Ohio County Schools service staff is the best.” 

“Our teachers and administrators are well aware of the importance of the service staff,” she added. “The service staff members mean so much to all of their schools, and we want them to know that.”

 Amber George is the school secretary at West Liberty Elementary School. She has worked in Ohio County Schools for five years, and she previously served at Triadelphia Middle School. She loves the students and staff members with whom she works.

 “It’s has a real family feel,” George said. “We have great teachers and staff members. I love the students. I get to be here with the students every day, and it’s like a dream come true.”

Pictured from left are Ohio County Schools Maintenance Department electrician Joe Herrick,  Maintenance Foreman Don Radcliffe staff member Chris Kranske.