Ms. Kim Nisperly is shown with Wheeling Park student Karleigh Ryan.

Kimberly Nisperly, or Ms. Kim as she is known, is in a league of her own. 

 Nisperly has served as a paraprofessional at Wheeling Park High School for the past five years, and her job involves teaching students life skills, supporting them in learning activities and helping them to engage in social interaction. She has worked for Ohio County Schools for 14 years, and she previously worked at Elm Grove Elementary School, Middle Creek Elementary School and Steenrod Elementary School.

 Nisperly has a bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University and other teaching certifications. Her daughter, Haley Nisperly, is a senior at Wheeling Park. .

 Wheeling Park High School teacher Dionne Cox speaks highly of Nisperly. She said the care and compassion Ms. Kim shows the students is wonderful.

 “Ms. Kim exemplifies and  contributes daily to the culture at The PARK: She is Positive, Attentive, Respectful, and she Keeps Going,” Cox said. “She compassionately and patiently works with each student in the classroom until they meet their specific goals. She takes the initiative to lead our daily Morning Meeting and Prevocational Skills time, but only after each student has chosen and eaten at least one of their favorite breakfast foods (because Ms. Kim just happened to be shopping and the students' favorite food items just happened to fall in her cart.)

 Cox said she and Wheeling Park special education teacher Justin Goneau trust Nisperly’s judgment and appreciate the calm, yet assertive, way she ensures each student’s need is being met.

 “Each staff with whom she works is in awe of her, owing to her extremely professional yet kind nature,” Cox said. “We -- students and staff --are so much more because of her.”

 Photo: Ms. Kim Nisperly is shown with Wheeling Park student Karleigh Ryan.