Madison Elementary Principal Andrea Trio greets a Cougar student at the school's Back-to-School Bash

Madison Elementary School Principal Andrea Trio can’t contain her pride when she speaks of her school and its students, staff and supportive community.

 The Ohio County Board of Education held its July 23 meeting at the Wheeling Island school to tour the facility and get an up-close look at its many new improvements. The upgrades to the century-old facility include a new roof, kitchen storage, windows, lights, fencing and sprinklers, repairs to the school’s massive front columns and Maker Space among others. Board members were thrilled with the work that has been done at the school, and they were pleased to learn the project was completed approximately $100,000 under budget.

 Prior to the tour of Madison Elementary, Trio sat with board members and discussed her thoughts on the school. She told board members that very few students travel to school by bus. They walk or ride their bicycles. Trio described some of the unique aspects of the school including its dental clinic. She said such a clinic isn’t common in schools, but it’s of great benefit to Cougar students.

 Trio told board members that Madison has tremendous community support. She gave particular praise to the House of the Carpenter which was crucial in helping the school to create its new playground, which will soon be built. The City of Wheeling is also expected to contribute $32,000 to the playground project, and council members are expected to approve the measure on Sept. 7.  Trio said a specific example of the school’s community support was the Madison “Back-to-School Bash,” which was held Aug. 20. She said nearly 20 of the school’s community partners took part in the event to provide students with new school supplies and hand out prizes. 

 Trio said her teachers and staff members care deeply for Madison students, and that care makes the students feel important. She said she believes Madison Elementary School is the “Anchor of the Island.”

 “Madison is a special place,” Trio said. “It’s a place where we often refer to ourselves as a family. We care holistically for each child, and you can feel that on a day-to-day basis. It’s always rewarding to share the many great things happening in our school.

“Being the principal of Madison Elementary is one of the most rewarding positions that I have had in my 18 years of education,” she added. “It’s a calling and truly a part of what I feel like I’ve been designed to do… to lead. In doing so, I lead with my heart and to make each decision based on doing what’s best for children. They are the focus and most import piece to our school. It helps to have an extremely supportive and caring staff that has our students’ best interests at the forefront.

Trio said Madison Elementary School offers its students many opportunities and resources to help students grow academically, socially and emotionally. She said the Madison staff and students are excited for the 2021-20222 school year.

 “This year we will steer through the year with our theme ‘Stronger Together,’” Trio said. “Our goal is to focus on building a brighter today for a stronger tomorrow. Together we are stronger, together… we can do anything.”