Wheeling Middle School Teacher Michele Strope

Wheeling Middle School is working with the U.S. Department of Education to create digital lessons students will use to supplement classroom presentations.

 Wheeling Middle School history teacher Michele Strope said her first period West Virginia History class was selected for an Education Development Center study funded by the department of education. The study is an effort to discovers new ways to help students learn history.

 Strope is one of only 20 U.S. teachers selected to take part in the study. She took part in a four-hour orientation in preparation for the research. For completing the study, Strope earned $500 for use in her classroom, and Wheeling Middle School earned a $500 stipend.

 “It is very exciting and a great opportunity to be a part of a project to learn about tools we can use in the classroom to build students historical knowledge and learning skills,” Strope said. “I gave students a pre-test on the Progressive Era and Great Depression, then I taught using the digital lessons and give a posttest to compare. We used supplemental digital history lessons on a site called Mission-US where students make decisions for characters who lived in the time periods. The test is anonymous, and the study doesn't receive personal student information about the eight-grade participants. It was a great experience.”