Ohio County Schools Service Personnel Employee of the Year Debbie Black is pictured with Board of Education President Andy Garber and Superintendent Kimberly Miller

Madison Elementary School’s Debbie Black has been named as the 2023-2024 Ohio County Schools Service Personnel Employee of the Year.

Black was announced as the school system’s service staff member of the year at the April 24 regular meeting of the Ohio County Board of Education held at Warwood School. She is a Kindergarten Instructional Assistant at Madison. Black has been employed in Ohio County Schools for 12 years. She has served at Madison for seven years.

Madison Elementary School Principal Andrea Trio said Black has an excellent ability to balance many tasks, and she is knowledgeable about many aspects of the classroom. Trio commended Black for her organizational skills and her ability to multi-task. Trio said Black is always eager and willing to do what is best for children. She comes up creative activity ideas.

“Ms. Black highly motivated, and her willingness to collaborate is a benefit to Madison, its staff and its students,” she said. Debbie is a go-getter. You will always see her looking for ways to help staff and students. She truly goes above and beyond for all. She is humble and kind and always wears a smile.”

Trio said Black is not only a good employee. She said Black is a reliable friend to staff members beyond the classroom.

“If anyone is ever in need of something, they know they can count on her,” Trio said. “You'll often find her helping in all areas of the school and after-school events. She is always looking for ways to be better. Her professional-development resume is amazing, and Madison is a better place because of her!”